Actually, the real question is, “Does the Internet need another blog?”

And the answer to both questions is…yes

After blogging for a little over year on my uber-successful fashion blog, Dressed for a semi-successful newspaper conglomerate (a.k.a. my job) I decided to venture off into the blogosphere on my own. Well, actually, I had help from my brother-in-law Allen and my techie guru fried Zaid.

Nonetheless, blogging about fashion is fun. But having to constantly blog about clothes and such can be a bit jarring. That said, this new blog will give me the opportunity to do blogs are supposed to do: 1.) shamelessly promote myself; 2.) brag about how smart I claim to be; 3.) bitch about annoying things in my life; 4.) write about things that I want and not have anyone censor me.

The aforementioned items will be the main differences between my work blog and, what this “special” blog.

I never really jumped on the whole Xanga bandwagon and when I started blogging on Myspace I felt like an old man trying to be a hip tween boy who shops at American Eagle and listens to Fall Out Boy. However, back in college I did take my crack at Livejournal which was full of coed angst. I was taking it too seriously. I was about to become one of those annoying people who shared their lives with the world, trying to get as many “I feel so sorry for you” comments as I could.

I don’t think this blog will be any different.

So as I sit here staring at a pile of my laundry screaming to be folded and watching an episode of The Office from season 3, I have a quiet glimmer of excitement because of this fabulous blog that will or will not make me famous.

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