Since So You Think You Can Dance won’t be back for a while, I was excited when they announced a substitute show for me to indulge in: Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann.

I am not a fan of Dancing with the Stars but I have seen Bruno Tonioli and former fly-girl Carrie Ann Inaba annoyingly judging a bunch of B-list celebrities dancing the fox trot and tango.

Nonetheless, when I first saw this show, I was under the impression that it would be a DANCE show – nothing more, nothing less. I was excited. Then I found out that they added singing into the mix.


It’s not “Dance AND Sing War,” it’s just DANCE. It’s a lot like that Debbie Allen-hosted reality show a couple years ago called Fame except this one is a lot gayer and candy coated.

In fact, I am watching it right now and it is excruciatingly painful to watch these kids dance to a rendition of “These Boots are Made for Walking” mixed with “Walk it Out.”


I am surprised that I have actually sat through 45 minutes of this show. The other day I tried to watch an episode and I could not sit through it. Don’t get me wrong, these kids are talented, but the way the show is portraying their talent seems so manufactured and artificial. It’s like watching a high school choir pop show.

Well, tonight is the final episode. Thank God. The group that wins will go on to record an album and then fade into reality show obscurity.

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