No, I am serious. Diablo Cody is now on my Myspace heroes list between Johnny Depp and Carrie Bradshaw.

Out of everything that happened tonight on the Oscars, I was most excited about Diablo Cody’s win for her brilliant screenplay for Juno – and her acceptance speech almost brought me to tears. She was the only one that I actually applauded for in the confines of my living room.

Oh my. I just made myself sound like the biggest Xanga moron.

Not only am I a fan of her blog-generation scripted screenplay, but I am ALWAYS excited to read her column, Binge Thinking in Entertainment Weekly – and her blog, The Pussy Ranch – well, the name says it all.

Last night, while eating at Red Lobster (Yes, I ate at Red Lobster. It was “Lobsterfest,” how could I resist?) with my friend Alice and her boyfriend Paul, we were talking about the Oscars and then Diablo’s name came up. We were talking about her past and how she was a stripper and how she wrote a book, has a blog, etc.

Being an aspiring novelist and/or screenwriter, I swoon at her success. Paul said, “Well, you have a blog, so all you need to do is strip and you will be as successful as her!”

I guess I need to dust off my clear heels and polish my pole.

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