I got to participate in a round table interview with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on Saturday for their super top-secret X-Files sequel.

The writers Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz were also there, but I was more fascinated with the two celebs.

Doesn’t it look like Gillian is about to attack that Asian reporter on her right?

I love catching celebs off-guard

I never watched an episode of X-Files. So I think the only reason I participated in this round table was to gawk at David and Gillian.

Sure, the pictures look like they are less than enthusiastic to be there, but you have to give them a break. They flew overnight from filming some scenes for the movie to San Francisco. Don’t let the pictures fool you – they were really friendly.

One of my former co-workers, Christina was also there and she is an X-Files fanatic. During the interview, she was drooling over David. After the interview, she went up to him and Gillian and asked, “Can I just shake your hand?”

I thought that was kind of adorable – kinda creepy – but cute nonetheless.

My friend Tara was really jealous that I got to participate in this interview. It made her even more pissed that I wasn’t a true X-Files fan. But after watching the mysterious trailer and talking to them about the movie, I am intrigued enough to watch the series from the beginning.

P.S. They did not share a single plot point about the movie, so don’t bother asking. They were just talking about how there was going to be one, how it was to revisit the franchise and very general stuff. Well, at least I got to stare at them.

2 thoughts on “Diggin’ through the “X-files” at Wondercon

  1. i can’t believe you have talk with gill and david! i would be the happiest person in the world if i could shake their hands…!
    are you a journalist? maybe a photographer?

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