I went to Fashion Week for work at the beginning of February – and of course, all the time in Bryant Park started to irritate me. Ergo, the fashion shows started to irritate me.

Even so, I did get to do non-Fashion Week stuff with my friends Janet and Erline:

One day, Erline and I (Janet was at work) decided to take advantage of the free Friday admission to the MoMA, and put some culture in our blood.

Flash photography is not allowed. I got chastised by a security guard because my flash accidentally went off.

Busted me.

Remember those three-lined pieces of paper we used to practice our cursive and printing on in the first half of elementary school?

Are you bored yet? If not, here’s some more.

I am a fan of modern art, but a lighter and an instamatic camera? Come on. To make things more pompously pointless, they were in a glass case. It is not that serious.

This mosaic – or whatever you want to call it – was very enjoyable.

Any piece of art that has that faceless international symbol man in compromising positions is good in my book.

Then there were those pieces of art that are bizzare, but fun to look at – I thought the VCR piece was quite clever:

Don’t these look like big piles of bronzed elephant poop?

And are you ready for the big finish?

Wasn’t that fun?

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