This week I got to cover a fashion exhibit in San Francisco that is in conjunction with a PBS documentary, “Interpreting Ancient Fashion”.

The event featured designs from the always lovely Colleen Quen and Jude Gabbard, a face I am not familiar with in the SF fashion scene – but talented nonetheless.

The two went to China’s most remote and poorest areas, the Guizhou Province, where they learned their way of life – primarily the fashion. They came back stateside and took what they learned to create stunning garments:

A beautifully bulbous piece by Colleen:

A modernized take on Chinese villager garb:

I swear, lately I think I have some sort of awkward social disorder. I get all funky and giggly and annoyingly chatty when I go to these events and mingle. I am sure it’s just me being uber self-conscious, then again, maybe I am not too far from the truth. I feel like I am socially raping people when I talk to them. I get all weird and creepy and I feel myself smiling with this uncomfortable vibe that comes across as youthful and stupid.

Nonetheless, Colleen has always been a down-to-Earth designer – and she is really big time! She was on an episode of that Tyra Banks-fest celebration of self television show called America’s Next Top Model. You know, it’s that one show where these girls think they are competing to be a model, but in actuality they are just a bunch of drones being brainwashed to be a cult offspring of Tyra.

Anyways, I remember when I took Alice (my chain restaurant confidant) to one of Colleen’s shows last year where they gave away free Beard Papa cream puffs. Alice took six of them. We got kicked out. Just joking. But those cream puffs are damn good.

While I was giving socially uncomfortable glances to random urban art hipsters people in the Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art Gallery, I noticed two people walk in. One tall slender boy who looked familiar to me. The other was a young man with unruly hair and large rimmed eye glasses. He looked like a haggard ’70s dork with Bill Gates appeal.

After staring at them for a bit, I realized the slender boy was Joseph Cross from the good book turned bad movie “Running with Scissors”. I had no idea why he was in San Francisco. But the geek next to him was Emile Hirsch who has been in the city for the filming of Gus Van Sant’s movie, “Milk”.

I kept on glancing over in their direction remembering the time when I interviewed Emile for “Into the Wild.” I wondered if should go up to him and say, “Hey Emile, do you remember me? I interviewed you last year when you were doing a press tour for “Into the Wild.”

He would look at me strangely and then say, “No. Leave me alone.”

Okay, maybe not. He’d probably think I was just creepy, bordering on the line of stalker.

I mean, how can he forget me? I know he probably got interviewed by over 100 journalists for that movie, but you don’t meet many giggly Filipino-American journalists on an everyday basis.

Plus, look at us in this picture:

We look like the best of friends.

Okay, now I sound like a stalker.

6 thoughts on “Emile Hirsch hangin’ out at a fashion exhibit?

  1. Soooo, tell us then, Dino:
    Did you ever go up to Emile and (try to) make conversation about when you’d last interviewed him for the Press Junket?

    If so, WHAT did he say to you?

    I don’t think you sound “stalker-y” at all!
    WHY is it, that folks get so damn tweaked about strangers talking to them online? I don’t think it’s that big a deal …

  2. Wow Abbie! I didn’t even know if anyone was reading my blog. Anyways, Mr. Hirsch walked in while I was interviewing one of the fashion designers at the exhibit. So I couldn’t just dis the designer and rush over to him because that would’ve been rude. And by the time I was done chatting with the designer Emile was gone. But you could read the “Into the Wild” interview here:

  3. Hey dino-ray,
    I hope you dont mind that I used the pic of You and Emile on my website. Please let me know if you want me to take it down.

    Do you have any other pictures of him at the event at all….or is that pushing my luck lol.

    ~ Kel

  4. Nah…no pics of him. I was interviewing Jude (fashion designer) before I could approach him. But if I spot him anymore in SF, I’ll let you know. I think they might be done filming “Milk” already so he might not be there anymore.

    P.S. And it’s cool that your usin’ my pic. I just look like a total dork in it.

  5. I can totally relate to how you feel about being all giddy when you go to interviews!
    I feel as if everyone can see I am newbie and inexperienced.

    Are you going to the journalism mixer next thursday?

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