Is this pure coincidence? Did the scientists in the pop culture lab strategically plan this so that the number would be painted all over the place in this particular year? I don’t recall the number 8 being really big in 2008. And no offense to the number 9, but I think 8 is a way cooler looking number.

First off, there’s the alien movie with apartheid undertones District 9 (by the way, it was very enthralling and, in a word, gross). Then there is the film, 9; an animated feature (produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambeto, directed by Shane Acker) about some creatures made from odds-and-ends in a post-apocalyptic world.

A nice puppet from the post apocalyptic 9

On the fashion front, Number (N)ine – a fashion label that someone wouldn’t really wear everyday, but it’s just really cool to look at. Especially their F/W 2009 collection:

From Number (N)ine’s collection

Then there is the ninth season of Dancing With the Stars which brings us a whole new motley crew of pop culture vagabonds: Michael Irvin, Joanna Krupa, Donny Osmond, Macy Gray, Tom Delay, Melissa Joan Hart, Chuck Liddell, Debi Mazar,
Louie Vito, Mya, Aaron Carter, Natalie Coughlin, Mark Dacascos, Kathy Ireland, Ashley Hamilton and Kelly Osbourne. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Liddell beat the crap out of Aaron Carter? And who’s going to be watching Kathy Ireland’s clothing line at K-mart while she’s Paso Doble’ing it up?

On a sadder note, Nine Inch Nails are calling it quits when it comes to taking their show on the road. Their current tour will be their last. That’s a shame. My parents were looking forward to seeing them in concert in the near future. They both love the song “Closer.”

No mo’ NIN on tour

Oh yeah, then there’s yet another movie being released in November titled Nine, but this one doesn’t involve animation or aliens. It’s a Rob Marshall-directed musical based on Federico Fellini’s semi-autobiographical “8 and a half”.and the original 1982 Broadway production:

Divas and queens will flock to this and in turn, the general public will follow suit. And P.S. Fergie plays a prostitute. Please free to comment on that.

The fine ladies of Marshall’s Nine. Judi Dench looks hot.

In any matter, you better enjoy this 9 phenomenon while it lasts because once 2010 comes around 9 is going to be so 2009.

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