I went to New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (which would explain my absence) – but I wasn’t necessarily there in the “fashion journalist” capacity. In the past, I went there to cover the shows and be a spazz jumping around from tent to tent; venue to venue – but now that I am reppin’ The Academy of Art University School of Fashion, I barely had time to sleep because I was busy keepin’ tabs on our designers showing in the big tent (you can read all of my coverage here).

Luckily I did make it there and it there was still snow on the ground from that storm that took a big dump on the city – but it didn’t look wintry and magical. The snow had accumulated so much that it mixed in with the grime on the streets and looked like a crushed Oreo-flavored snowcone.

Nonetheless, I did get to fit in some “me” time. I saw FELA!, a musical based on the Afrobeat music of Fela Anikulapo–Kuti – and produced by Jay-Z and the Smiths (as in Will and Jada Pinkett) and I inhaled a couple of cupcakes from Magnolia AND Crumbs.

But the climax of my trip was when I exposed the most glamorous side of the tents at Bryant Park: the port-o-potties.


As much as you hate to believe it, port-o-potties are a must in Bryant Park during Fashion Week. Otherwise, everyone would be required to wear a diaper.

I wonder if I was in the same port-o-potty that Anna Wintour used.

I’ll have more pictures up soon! (because I know you’re dying to see them!)

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