So how about those speed skating races last night? Man, that Apolo Anton Ohno sure knows how to do a nice crotch shot.


Seriously – did the camera man wake up in the morning and say, “I am going to get an upward angle shot of Apolo’s crotch today.” That whole sequence made me feel uncomfortable.

As for others, it was welcomed with open arms – particularly from my friend and NASCAR blogging diva, Valli. Check out her tweet once the crotch shot happened:

@vallih dear NBC, thank you for that up-close crotch shot of Apolo Ohno

On the flipside of things, it kinda looks like Apolo did it on purpose. It’s like he was thinking, “If this cameraman is going to be all up in my business, I am going to give the world a show.”

Then there was the baby-faced J.R. Celski who, after unfortunately getting disqualified from the 1,000-meter race, caused a blogstorm when he went shirtless on camera to reveal a tattoo of Filipino sun with a Polish eagle in the center (my guess is that his genetic makeup is half of each). Yes, let’s forget the fact that he got DQ’d and focus on the wonder of his shirtless magic.


Although the tattoo was pretty darn cool, it seemed like it was the same Apolo crotch-catching cameraman (or maybe it was a woman). It’s like he/she knew J.R. was about to disrobe and he/she bolted by his side to give the world a shirtless shot.

Who the hell is controlling that camera?

This isn’t the first time I noticed J.R. doin’ some Pinoy branding. Please note the Filipino flag T shirt he’s wearing in his 24-hour Fitness commercial.

I really dig J.R.’s cultural branding. He is doing our culture proud. In fact, both speed skating pros are reppin’ Asians very well – both professionally and erotically.

P.S. If J.R. ever reads this and needs some Baybayin work done – he should contact my homeboy Christian of Tell him Dino-Ray sent you.

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