Erykah Badu’s vid for her new single “Window Seat” (off her new album, New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh)‎ – out in stores March 30) is a single shot grainy cinema verite perspective of the “Bag Lady” diva trotting down a street in Dallas and peeling off articles of clothing.

For some reason, while watching the video, I was waiting for a zombie to come out and attack her.

Check it out:

According to the RnB Music Blog, it is “an interpretation of Matt & Kim’s 2009 ‘Lessons Learned’ video where the dance punk duo residing in Brooklyn, New York shocked the world by stripping naked in Times Square, NYC.”

It still doesn’t really explain anything – but I am diggin’ the song.

One thought on “Have you seen Erykah Badu’s New Video For ‘Window Seat’?

  1. it explains that she’s got a big’ole booty and not afraid to show it

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