Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours must have brewed a nice geist infection since it was released last year because I’ve been seeing a lot of armless moments in a couple of movies in the past couple of weeks. First off, in Your Highnesss, Damian Lewis (who plays the best bud of Franco’s character) has some sort of medieval prosthetic arm. Then, in a recent screening of The Beaver there was (possible spoiler alert) an “incident.” I will just leave it at that.

If you wanna go back even further you can reference the pivotal Star Wars moment when Luke Skywalker gets his arm chopped off by his Darth Papa in Empire Strikes Back who, funnily enough, got his arm chopped off in Revenge of the Sith when he was known as Anakin.

One-armed wonders are definitely hot right now in Hollywood. What is your favorite single-handed hero?

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