When the “Remedial Chaos Theory” episode of Community aired, the show cemented itself as one of the most clever TV shows that I pressure all my friends to watch (and if they don’t, I defriend them on Facebook). In the grand tradition of shows like Arrested Development and Freaks and Geeks, the show has a diehard following of Communitards (like myself) that enjoy its meta-ness — especially with this episode.

In it, they explore different timelines of what would happen when each character would go downstairs to fetch the pizza from the delivery man:

With this in mind, the brilliant writer/director/illustrator Yehudi Mercado created a faux board game based on the episode:

Oh man. I think a real version of this game is in order…but until that happens, you can watch all timelines from “Remedial Chaos Theory” simultaneously:

P.S. You can check out (and purchase) Yehudi’s equally awesome Community trading cards on his site…and props to my homey Barbara for sending this info my way.

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