Justin Bieber‘s breathy sing/rap song, “Boyfriend” is so damn catchy. I tried to hate it, but it’s fast-food pop production value is so mesmerizing that you can’t help but be intoxicated by the Bieb’s shallow, artificial swagger and irritating magnetism.


But there is a parody courtesy of Teddie Films that makes the song more tolerable. The song, “Droidfriend”, is sung by a shaggy haired droid named C3-Bieb-O and cleverly replaces everything annoying about the song with the iconic awesomeness of the Star Wars world.

He definitely has more swag than that Bieber thing. So much swag that I would, in fact, want to be his Droidfriend. There is no Dark Side of the Force in this world…only a Swag Side of the Force. OK. I’ll stop now.

[Shout out to Screen Junkies and IGN’s Start Channel for bringing this to my attention.]

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