You can poke fun and insult Christina Aguilera (the hair, the fluctuating weight, the mysterious substance running down her leg during a performance of “At Last”) all you want, but one thing remains consistent with her: that gal can SANG.

The dirrrty diva and fellow judge on The Voice, Cee Lo Green debuted her new single, “Make the World Move” from her album, Lotus and the song is pretty much marks a solid return to the pop scene since her album Bionic, which, unlike others, I enjoyed thoroughly.

Check out the performance of this song and you’ll see why the bitch is back:

That is some jammin’ stuff right there….and, might I add, her boobs are looking really robust as of late. I am pretty sure that drag queens all around the world just added that song and to their repertoire.

Now all we need is a performance of this song with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots with kitchen items and we’ll be set.

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