I am very late to the Sons of Anarchy party. I started watching season one of the show a couple of months ago and then paused at the end of season two and thought, “This show is pretty damn awesome.” I also thought, “White people be crazy!” After the second season, I needed to take a breather. I mean, it had motorcycles, rape, racism, torture, blood, murder — that’s a lot of stuff to take in y’all. Actually, I found out those things were pretty much mainstays on the show.

Nonetheless, over the weekend after Thanksgiving, I went through a SoA intensive. I locked myself in my bedroom with a foil tray of leftovers and watched the remaining seasons whilst shoveling a variety of carbs into my mouth. You’ll be happy to know that I am finally caught up with the show and have officially made this my obsession for the rest of the year. More than that, I have crowned Gemma Teller as the baddest bitch on TV.

Now, when I refer to her as the “baddest bitch”, it is not derogatory. It’s a term of endearment via hip-hop’s “baddest bitch”, Trina.

After watching all that Gemma is and does, it is 100 percent clear why actress Katey Sagal won the Golden Globe for playing this character. She gave her son’s addict crack whore girlfriend a syringe of dope while she was on her deathbed, she dresses in clothes from Forever 21 that are three seasons behind and has highlights to compliment it; she always carries a glock in her purse; she smokes weed like the best of them; she knows how to cook; she has the funniest insults; and she will beat a bitch up without thinking twice — which is why I love her. That said, here is some of her best moments in female “fuck you up” fisticuffs (and one moment where she takes a gun to a baby — it’s all for a good cause, of course):

Here she is slappin’ Cherry (Taryn Manning) with a skateboard after she sleeps with her man, Clay (Ron Perlman).

…and here is a glorious gallery of Gemma roughing up the trashy, yet still classy, escort Emma Jean (a.k.a. Sharpay from East High School a.k.a. Ashley Tisdale) after allegedly sleeping with Clay.

…and here she is showing some love to Clay.

…and as promised, here she is putting a gun to a baby. Relax people, she was doing it in order to find her grandson. It’s acceptable.

This is quite the argument for Gemma Teller being the baddest bitch on TV. Actually, she is probably one of the strongest female characters on television in both the physical and emotional sense. In fact, she’s probably the strongest female character we have had in a long time…perhaps since Wonder Woman…or Xena. The only difference is that there is no fantasy attached to Gemma — she’s the real deal. She’s a woman that can (and probably does) exist. We can certainly use more ladies like her. Highlights and all.

4 thoughts on “Gemma Teller: The Baddest Bitch on TV

  1. GEMMA IS A HUGE FUCKING BITCH MAN………..we dont need any ladies like her. shes an uneducated, overbearing piece of shit. she is such a selfish cunt that she wont even let tara leave charming like who fuckings cares go visit your grandsons if you want but no shes gotta rat on tara and put her in jail like come on how the the hell can you say we need more women like her. shes a terrible human being and deserves to die.

  2. I agree with Mark. Gemma is a terrible human being. I seriously hope she dies in season 7.

  3. Gemma is just a terrible character overall. Bad actress (she should stick to cartoon voice acting), bad scripting, very shallow character who doesn’t do anything except betray and call people bitches in every episode. And wtf is she always doing with her lips when she’s not talking? Did she have a stroke or something?
    She should be the one getting decked in the face with a skateboard.

  4. WHY do people keep blindly believing everything that dumb cunt says? She has done nothing but lie and do retarded shit and yet people will still commit murder just because she makes some shit up.
    God this show is terrible I’m glad it’s over.

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