The following video will be a great way to start your Wednesday morning. It will also help you kill 24 minutes while at work.

Yesterday Jay-Z turned 43 years old (yet it looks like he never aged). Nonetheless, Hova performed 8 shows at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center back in September and lucky for us, he filmed it and released a 24-minute documentary titled Where I’m From on his YouTube page, Life+Times. There is one particular moment in said documentary where he is en route to his 8th performance at the Barclay’s Center and he decides to take the subway with normal people like you and me. He decides to sit next to a nice lady (artist Ellen Grossman) who has no idea who he is and what happens after that is the start of a beautiful friendship. You can watch the magical and adorable interaction at timestamp 19:30 of the video — and it will just make you fall in love with Jay-Z all over again. You will also be surprised to hear that she doesn’t say “Jigga what?! You don’t know who I am, either?!.

You can watch the entire documentary below:

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