Brother comes home from West Africa and the sister wants to jump his bones.

The holidays haven’t officially started until they first air this Folger’s commercial. Imagine what incestuous nastiness would have happened on that kitchen counter if the parents didn’t walk in.

Peter comes home for Christmas!

This one is actually kind of sweet and there is no sign of incest whatsoever. But why did he have to go through the trouble of brewing a cup of coffee to wake everyone up? An air horn would have sufficed.

Joe DiMaggio enjoys his Mr. Coffee.

I also like to keep my coffee maker in the living room.

Tommy Lee Jones sells some wacky Japanese coffee drink!

The Japanese love their crotchety old white men.

Maxwell House elves get excited and disgruntled about a free Christmas ornament.

How many of these actors do you think played an Ewok or tried out for the role of Willow?

Special delivery in Romania!

Looks like they could use one of Joe DiMaggio’s Mr. Coffee machine.

Penelope Cruz’s sensual Nespresso moment

I love to drink my CAH-FAY from NEH-SPRESS-OH.

A coffee romance for the ages…with Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We need more miniseries commercials and all of them need to star Anthony Head.

My dumb wife can’t make a decent cup of coffee!

I just wish they made it racist too.

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