I know this Downton Abbey tweet wrap-up is two days late, but I have been busy sorting through all the glorious tweets that were sprouting up on my timeline. I was also preoccupied with trying with trying to wrap my head around Shirley McClaine‘s place in that world. All I could see was Ouiser Boudreaux in a fancy beaded gown and a feather on her head. In any case, check out these fine tweets from Sunday night’s episode:

The Best Downton Abbey Tweets: Season 3 Episode 1

Storified by Dino-Ray Ramos· Mon, Jan 07 2013 23:12:24

I like Downton Abbey, but I don’t think I need to see that dog’s opening credit ass anymore.hodgman
countdown to Downton Abbey time, otherwise known as the hour that white people take over twitter.Morgan Murphy
apologies to black people who watch Downton Abbey. Also, who are you and can we get dinner and just talk?Morgan Murphy
Excited to hear everyone’s "you’re footman’s so tall" snaps. You’re footman’s so tall he was a gift from France. @pattonoswalt #DowntonPBSThe Sklar Brothers
Downton Abbey should be called 101 Hilarious Gwyneth Paltrow Impressions.Louis Virtel
Why are all the people on Downton Abbey trying to talk like Madonna?Jensen Karp
Bates is like Ricky Gervais if he believed in God. #DowntonPBSEric Ledgin
Shirley MacLaine hate-singing "I’m in love with you" to Maggie Smith is the REASON I WILL DIE HAPPY. #DowntonPBSPatton Oswalt
I haven’t watched the premiere of Downton Abbey tonight so please don’t spoil this seasons weird Laura Linney facials, thanks.Josh Hurley
If I was in "Downton Abbey," I would want to end every scene by shouting, "Now where is the goddamn TV in this house?!"Kay Cannon
"I would be really good on that show. I’m as good as they are. I know it." – Anne Hathaway watching #DowntonPBSbilly eichner
Maggie Smith rasping the words, "Certainly not!" is my Spirit Animal. #DowntonPBSPatton Oswalt
The greatest idea I’ve had this year: Downton Abbey/Django Unchained mash-up. DJOWNTON ABBEY: THIS TIME THE J IS SILENT. #letsmakethishappenDino-Ray Ramos
While you’re looking away to tweet during Downton Abbey, you’re missing a ton of telling glances.Peter Schultz
I’ve never seen an episode of ‘Downton Abbey’, but I’ve seen the episode of ‘Roseanne’ where "Becky cuts the cheese" at least 50 times.Jenny Johnson

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