Come Thursday, January 24 San Francisco will be subject to a world of hardcore, unadulterated comedy realness when the 12th Annual SF Sketchfest and I shall be one of those obnoxious comedy trolls who will be chortling and galavanting from show to show.

Unless you were one of those vultures who circled the Interwebs and then swooped in and bought tickets to the most popular shows the exact moment the went on sale (like myself), many of the hot ticket shows are sold out — but there is plenty to experience until February 10. It’s like a buffet of comedy. So get your plate and watch for the the sneeze guard — it’s time to serve yourself a hot steaming poo poo platter of funny.

Below are a list of just some of the non-sold out shows. I also decided to show off some of the sold out shows…because you have a right to know.


Celebrity Autobiography: Celebrity Autobiography is an international smash hit comedy sensation! The hilarious evening where celebrity tell-alls are acted out live on stage began a decade ago in Los Angeles, and as the show’s profile grew and celebrities started attending and participating, the show blew up into a must-see event that resulted in a critically acclaimed Bravo TV special. In 2007, the show opened in New York to rave reviews and sold out houses and won the Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience.

I went to this last year and saw Luke Perry read selections from Kenny Loggins‘s autobiography, “The Unimaginable Life: Lessons Learned on the Path of Love”. It was a magical highway to the Dylan zone.

Performance info:
Saturday, February 9, 8pm, Marines’ Memorial Theatre Buy tickets now!
Sunday, February 10, 5pm, Marines’ Memorial Theatre Buy tickets now!

Party Down; Episode 101

Party Down with Party Down with Ryan Hansen, Ken Marino, Adam Scott and Martin Starr: It’s time to Party Down with Party Down! The much loved yet canceled-too-soon series, which ran on STARZ for two seasons, follows a group of struggling actors working as caterers in Los Angeles. Cast members Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr will take to the Cobb’s stage for a spirited discussion about the series.

Yeah. This is sold out. I mean, how could it NOT be? It’s only the greatest show about a rag-tag group of caterers ever created.

Performance info:
Saturday, February 9, 4pm, Cobb’s Comedy Club


SF Sketchfest Tribute to Childrens Hospital with Lake Bell, Rob Corddry, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Ken Marino, Jonathan Stern, David Wain and more: SF Sketchfest is thrilled to pay tribute to the creators and cast of Adult Swim’s Emmy Award-winning Childrens Hospital. Creator, executive producer and star Rob Corddry will be joined by collaborators including Lake Bell, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Ken Marino and executive producers David Wain and Jonathan Stern for a silly look back (and forward) at this hilarious show.

Good news! All of you Childrens Hospital-ophiles will be happy to know that this show is not sold out…yet. If you’re a fan, you best buy tickets now before it sells out. NOW GIT!

Performance info:
Saturday, February 9, 8pm, Cobb’s Comedy Club Buy tickets now!


The Benson Movie Interruption: Wanna watch a “classic” movie while Doug Benson and his surprise comedian guests sit in the front row and crack wise throughout? Now’s your chance! At Doug’s favorite time of day. (Wink.)

If you love movies and you’re not a fan of comedian Doug Benson, then you should be. When he’s not Leonard Maltin’ing it up on his podcast, “Doug Loves Movies”, he’s doing his “Movie Interruptions”. This year at Sketchfest, he and his guests will be interrupting Catwoman, Anaconda, The Notebook, and Twilight, a fine quartet of America’s best cinema.

Performance info:
Catwoman: Saturday, January 26, 4:20pm, Roxie Theatre Buy tickets now
Anaconda: Sunday, January 27, 4:20pm, Roxie Theatre Buy tickets now!
The Notebook: Saturday, February 2, 4:20pm, Roxie Theatre Buy tickets now!
Twilight: Saturday, February 9, 4:20pm, Castro Theatre Buy tickets now!


SF Sketchfest Tribute to Portlandia A Conversation with Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and Jonathan Krisel: SF Sketchfest is delighted to honor IFC’s groundbreaking hit comedy show Portlandia and its creators Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and Jonathan Krisel with an in-person conversation, a selection of hilarious clips, and a lively audience Q & A to celebrate the Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning series, which kicks off its third season in January with Armisen and Brownstein again starring as a variety of wonderfully eccentric characters that inhabit their dreamy rendering of Portland, Oregon. From its first season debut in 2011, the show– which is shot entirely on location in Portland, Oregon– quickly developed a devoted following by critics and fans alike, who fell in love with Armisen and Brownstein’s creations of cherished recurring characters such as the uptight Dave and Kath, passionate lovers Nina and Lance, and hipsters Spyke and Iris, along with a bevy of guest stars including Kyle MacLachlan, Jeff Goldblum, and Kumail Nanjiani.

Unfortunately this is one of those sold out shows, but you can stand outside of the theater and act like you are at the performance!

Performance info:
Wednesday, January 30, 8pm, Herbst Theatre


Hail to the King, Baby: An Evening with Bruce Campbell moderated by Patton Oswalt with Army of Darkness: Hail to the King, Baby! Bruce Campbell returns as everyone’s favorite Necronomicon-battling, chainsaw-weilding, S-Mart-shopping badass Ash in Army of Darkness, the third in Sam Raimi’s horror comedy Evil Dead series. After being pulled through a time portal, Ash finds himself in 1300 AD, at odds with knights, himself, and an army of Deadites. Will Ash and his beloved Oldsmobile Delta 88 find a way back to the future? A hit with comedy and horror fans alike, Army of Darkness is one hell of a good time.

A must-see for all Army of Darkness and Evil Dead diehards…especially before that questionable remake comes out. Plus, Bruce muthafuckin’ Campbell is gonna be there!

Performance info:
Saturday, February 9, 8:30pm, Castro Theatre Buy tickets now!


Live podcast recordings: There is a podcast for any and everyone! It’s like talk radio — but for funner!

Performance info:

  • Pop My Culture: Sunday, February 10, 1pm at the Eureka Theatre Buy tickets now!
  • Professor Blastoff: Wednesday, January 30, 8pm at Cobb’s Comedy Club Buy tickets now!
  • You Made it Weird: Saturday, February 2, 1pm, Cobb’s Comedy Club Buy tickets now!
  • The JV Club: Saturday, February 2nd, 1pm, Eureka Theatre Buy tickets now!
  • The Nerdist: Saturday, February 2, 7pm, Marines’ Memorial Theatre Buy tickets now!
  • The Smartest Man in the World: Saturday, February 2, 4pm, Punch Line Comedy Club Buy tickets now!
  • Never Not Funny: Saturday, February 9, 4pm, Eureka Theatre Buy tickets now!
  • Trapped-in-the-Closet

    “R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet Sing-Along” hosted by Henri Mazza: Brought to you by the Action Pack, the group made famous by creating dozens of interactive events for the Alamo Drafthouse, this Sing-Along event will take TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET and give it the full Rocky Horror experience, with subtitles on screen to make it easy to sing-along (or just keep up with the story if you’ve never seen this majesty before), and plenty of rubbers to throw into the air when R. Kelly’s character finds one underneath his covers.

    The best homage to R. Kelly’s greatest music masterpiece. Not sure if chocolate showers will happen, but it’s a possibility!

    Performance info:
    Tuesday, February 5, 8pm at Rickshaw Stop Buy tickets now!


    Maya Rudolph & Gretchen Lieberum are Princess: An Evening of the Music of Prince: Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum are in a band called Princess and, yes, they are a Prince cover band. When They performed “Darling Nikki” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently, Gawker called it “ingenious” and “the best thing on TV.” Don’t miss Princess’s Bay Area debut!

    Performance info:
    Friday, February 8, 8pm & 10:30pm, Yoshi’s SF

    Unfortunately, both shows of this are sold out. If you didn’t get tickets, I am sorry that you’re going to miss this:

    Click here for a complete schedule of SF Sketchfest. I guarantee you’re going to find something you like. If not, then we can no longer be lovers.

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