If there was a Golden Globe for the “Best Overlooked Cop Drama”, this would win.
End of Watch

The phone sex industry is not only NOT dead, but it’s also funny!
For a Good Time, Call…

This movie was initially called: Nicole Kidman: As Nasty As She Wanna Be
The Paperboy

Jonathan Bower gets harassed by a dog.
Cujo: 30th Anniversary Edition

This installment is ON FIRE!
Death Race 3: Inferno

These are the America’s Next Top Model of military movies. They just keep coming out.
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

A dance documentary that also gets Criterion status? That’s like super duper pretentious!

I thought this was a documentary on how to find a sweet, sweet man to bring home to mom. Fooled me!
Searching for Sugar Man

Just another one of those crazy Asian movies where they do martial arts and shit!
Tai Chi Zero

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