The Americans takes its bow tonight on FX and the only reason why I am going to watch it is because of my dear Felicity, Keri Russell. Also, it goes in line with this whole double-agent/spy/CIA/sexy espionage trend going on in movies and TV — which was probably ignited by Homeland. And like The Americans, one of the main reasons I watched this show was because of a ’90s angsty lovelorn icon: my beloved Angela Chase, Claire Danes.

In any case, let’s examine the opening credits of each show. Let’s examine the differences, the similarities, the dissonant chords, the flashes of random spy stuff, and the scrapbook creepiness:

The Americans:


The similarities are very startling. As are the differences. Either way, it’s nice to see that opening credits are not a total lost art. Am I right or am I right folks?! RIGHT?! Both illicit paranoia. Both have pictures of random kids. Both have creepy music. Although, I could so do a hypnotic, sultry dance to the music of Homeland whereas the music to The Americans feels like a piano is having a rapey nightmare. Homeland‘s opening credits just flat out say: THIS BITCH IS CRAZY. As for The Americans, there’s a mystery woven into the haunting Russian-ness. You have to guess what and who is crazy. I kind of like that.

I like both sequences, but, if someone held a gun to my head and asked me to choose one (it might happen), I’m going to go with The Americans. Now let’s just hope the show is just as good and creepy.

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