Although the team I wanted to win the Super Bowl didn’t (that would be the 49ers), I have accepted the loss graciously. Plus, I am bandwagoner so it takes me less time to get over not winning — but I sure do like participating in the aftermath of looting!

After the game and the Beyonce extravaganza, the best thing about the Super Bowl are the tweets that flood my timeline. They make the world a very happy place.

Some of the Best Super Bowl Tweets

Storified by Dino-Ray Ramos· Mon, Feb 04 2013 00:59:42

Nothing makes me happier than @DinoRay live-tweeting sporting events. He’s such an expert!Mike Smith
49ers 108 – Ravens 104. For the record, I don’t understand how football works but that’s my prediction.Josh Horowitz
I hope San Francisco murders the Ravens. No offense, Ray Lewis.Morgan Murphy
At least Ray Lewis has a prison on his face. #SuperBowlDoug Benson
Jennifer Hudson looks great/is starvingShira
Culliver, that’s called Karma. Gay angry karma.Josh Gad
Culliver just got his ass plowed. #SuperBowldamianholbrook
Madonna is rolling over in her crypt right now. #Beyonce #Halftime #Superbowl47Michelle Collins
Kylie Minogue looks tan. #SuperBowlTrevor S
Beyonce is awful bossy.Drew Droege
Beyonce forgot her pants. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!! #SuperbowlMike Birbiglia
What if Blu Cantrell comes out instead? #SuperBowl #HalftimeShowJensen Karp
Beyonce is totally lip-synching! Look at her cameltoe. #SuperBowlWarren Holstein
I think Destiny’s Child just broke up.Josh Beck
#superbowl I guess I’ll just sit here and continue to do nothing.Jim Gaffigan
just fyi ray lewis wasn’t there when somebody killed the powerAndy Levy
Shit, Bane!!Alec Sulkin
All the hair dryers they’re using to dry Beyonce’s weave have short circuited the Superdome #superbowlRonn Vigh
Have they tried unplugging the Super Dome and then plugging it back in? #superbowlTim Saccardo
At least Candlestick Park has candle sticks.bob saget
It’s only fair that they start the entire game over once the lights come back on. #SuperBowlJack Burditt
Ravens regret smoking that joint during the outage.Jocelyn Plums
Hey remember when the power went out and all the players laid down on the field and casually and sensually stretched each other? #SuperbowlBrianDBradley
Bring back the sign language guy. #SuperBowlMatt Patches
Dear Say Anything, I’m playing in the Super Bowl and got red paint on my butt and it looks like I got my period! Signed, GiantTween Hobo
Hitler would have loved that Volkswagen commercial. #SuperBowlSteven Amiri
This effing game is longer than Jodie Foster’s coming out speech. #SuperBowldamianholbrook
Wonder how Coach Taylor’s gonna pull this one off.Jess Dweck
It’s state. Coach Eric Taylor’s QB1 has a scholarship riding on the game, but Coach Derek Taylor’s job is at stake. To be continued…Caissie St.Onge
Quoth the Niners: Nevermind.Moshe Kasher
BIG WINNERS: RavensBIG LOSERS: 49ers, Guy Who Had His Horse Stolen By Budweisersean oconnor
LADY GRANTHAM WINS THE SUPER BOWL! #tweetforeveryone #superbowlCole Stratton
Tonight’s Downton Abbey will be performed live on the field after the game, correct?Dave Holmes
Clear Eyes. Blind Melon. Cant Lose. #Imdrunkbilly eichner
Oh my god, Baltimore fans are terrifying. Maybe it’s good they won after all. That’s so Ravens.Jack Burditt
Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens and to the guy in New Orleans who’s not getting murdered tonight.Chase Mitchell
Has the national anthem been changed to "Independent Nation, Part I" yet?Louis Virtel
Probably can’t sleep because I’m reliving all those great football plays in my mind. #lieRachel Dratch

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