Let’s just be honest with ourselves. We just watched the Oscars to see what would happen with Anne Hathaway. If there was an Oscar for most Tweeted about Oscar nominee, she probably would of won. (Actually, Jennifer Lawrence would have won…but still.) In any case, from the moment she stepped on the red carpet to the moment she won the Oscar for Les Miserables, she continued to prove why she is America’s bittersweetheart.

Oscars 2013: The Best Tweets About Anne Hathaway

Storified by Dino-Ray Ramos· Sun, Feb 24 2013 22:45:02

Anne Hathaway is showing some sexy side-rib.Alex Baze
I don’t want to scare anyone, but what if Anne Hathaway DOESN’T win? #Oscars #RevenzhaneSeth Herzog
It’s kind of creepy that you guys think Anne Hathaway has nipples.Richard Lawson
Pace yourselves, everyone. There’s plenty of time to bash Anne Hathaway to come. #OscarsCole Stratton
Anne Hathaway is wearing a bridesmaid’s dress. #OscarsJenny Johnson
Anne Hathaway is truly America’s Hathaway #OscarsMatt Goldich
Zooey Deschanel is based on Anne Hathaway. #OscarsJosh Gondelman
I hope Best Supporting goes to Anne Hathaway or the bra she’s not wearing. #Oscars2013Jess Dweck
Anne Hathaway is the Kobe Bryant of movies #OscarsEric Dadourian
God I hope they play off Anne Hathaway with the music from Psycho.Alex Blagg
Anne Hathaway has come through the neck lengthening surgery splendidly.Michael Ian Black
Anne Hathaway lost 11 pounds backstage before this performance. #LesMiz #OscarsMichelle Collins
OH GOD! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! #whispers #itcametrueVanessa Ragland
Get ready to see Anne Hathaway do a stellar Taylor Swift impression. #oscarsSteven Amiri
"Oh my God, I totally didn’t expect this, as you can tell from my perfectly written acceptance speech." -Anne HathawayJess Dweck
The only way to get through Anne Hathaway’s speech is to picture Kanye West crying at it from home. #OscarsLouis Virtel
Why didn’t Anne Hathaway thank me???billy eichner
Anne Hathaway forgot to thank whoever replaced her bones with al dente spaghetti.Michael Ian Black
Can we redirect all the Anne Hathaway Anne-amosity toward Kristen Stewart?Brian Moylan
Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the banana peel we all planted for Anne Hathaway.Brian Moylan
Heading to bed. You guys enjoy your weird civil war over whether Anne Hathaway is the devil or the greatest actress ever. #oscars2013Mike Drucker

While sorting through the tweets to do this post, I read some really mean tweets about her — REALLY mean. So mean, that I kind of felt sorry for her. Sure, she is a little irritating, but there’s no need to wish death on her. Good Lord people, calm down.

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