I’ll admit. I am running on fumes, but I refuse to throw in the towel and just sleep all day. I shall endure the remainder of this festival until the closing night film, The East. I will not let fatigue and delirium get the best of me. I mean, who needs a healthy night sleep or a healthy meal. Right? RIGHT?!

In any case, today was a good day for movie screenings. A really good day. A really, really good day. For one, I reached the 20 movie mark. So that’s an accomplishment. Secondly, I watched the Grand Jury Prize winner of the Narrative Feature Competition, Short Term 12. The movie is about the supervisor of a foster care facility and how she deals with managing the unpredictable environment of foster children and her own troubled life — and it was amazing. So amazing. Here was my immediate Twitter reaction:

I actually almost used my “cry during a movie” punchcard for this one. A full review is to come of this well-constructed, well-written, well-directed, well-acted, and overall brilliant film. Also, this movie will finally give Brie Larson the attention she deserves. As you can tell from my tweet, I love her.

Second film of the day was Awful Nice, which was a decent comedy about brotherly love. It also has Yakov Smirnoff. So there’s that. I screened a pretty captivating documentary, Twenty Feet From Stardom which follows the lives of background singers and I also watched Reality Show, a dark comedy take on the making of a reality show (hence the name of the movie). It starts off good, becomes exploitative, and then just turns bat shit crazy. It’s a clever commentary on our reality show obsessed society. There was something disturbingly voyeuristic and pornographic about it — and not just because Ron Jeremy is in it.

Then I watched Milo…and my tweet about it says it all (full review to come later):

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