Well, it looks like Netflix is currently dominating the original programming arena when it comes to on-demand/streaming media. In addition to snagging Arrested Development, they made House of Cards a water cooler topic. You can now add Hemlock Grove to that stack. I have no idea what it is about, but based on their Wikipedia page, the premise is as follows:

A young girl is brutally murdered and found near the former Godfrey steel mill. As rumors mount, two of the suspects in her killing, Peter Rumancek, a 17-year-old Gypsy trailer trash kid rumored to be a werewolf, and Roman, the heir to the Godfrey estate, decide to find the killer themselves.

I don’t know about all that, but from the looks of the red band trailer, it is a bonkers fuck cluster of messed up shit: corpses, maggots, blood, murder, vomiting, gypsies, sex, creepy looking people, demonic possessions, werewolves hatching out of people’s bodies, and Famke Janssen licking her fingers. The series is produced by Eli Roth, so I wouldn’t expect anything less:

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