Since 1996, slasher film auteur Wes Craven has been making us jump in our seats with those darn Scream movies. Not all of the movies were perfect (*cough*Scream 3*cough*), but one thing is for certain: the movies certainly did flip the slasher movie genre on its head. Even to this day, Scream has an influence on pop culture. Scream 4 hit the theaters in 2011 and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they made a fifth one. And in the wake of MTV announcing that they will be making a TV series based on the movies, I decided to take a look back at the bloody movies and see what life lessons they have taught us.

1.) Don’t stay on the phone with a creepy stranger longer than you need to. Also, pay attention to your caller I.D. It will help you avoid situations like this:

2.) If you decide to be a killer, always remember to clean and sanitize your murder weapon of choice.

3.) Making stove-top popcorn is fun, but microwave popcorn is easier…and safer.


4.) Note to detectives: if there is a string of murders in your town, consult video store clerks. They have all the answers.

5.) Every killer should giggle like Matthew Lillard.


6.) We will never forgive Hayden Panettiere‘s hairstyle in fourth one. Never.


7.) A quick escape does not a doggy door make.

8.) Closets still make a good hiding place.

9.) Even masked serial killers need a bathroom break.


10.) If you’re famous or if you have a prominent presence on a movie poster…you’ll probably be one of the first people to die.

Scream 1996


11.) The franchise was aware of it was doing with the slasher genre. Very aware. That’s why it is awesome and gives us great one-liners like these:


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