“Treasure” by Bruno Mars keeps in spirit with the groovin’ funk style that we enjoyed with “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk…and dare I say it’s a better song? This modernized style of ’70s music is slowly eclipsing that house/dub step malarky we’ve been subject to for the past couple of years — THANK GOD. Hopefully more people will start to follow suit.

Mr. Mars stays dedicated to this disco funk style with his video for the song, giving it that golden disco ball sheen, softened lens effects, and lo-fi cheesy space effects. And let’s not forget the leisure red suits with exposed chests and gold chains…which doesn’t look as sleazy when all of Bruno and his homies wear it:

If you liked the video than you’ll love it when he brought the video live on stage at the Billboard Music Awards…

…and The Voice finale…

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