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HAVE MERCY! The Full House band Jesse and the Rippers will reunite this Friday on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. It will be nice to see Uncle Jesse in his element again. This glorious reunion has sparked a demand of TV bands that must get back together for pop culture’s sake. Here are 13 of them. Feel free to throw in your two cents.

1.) Frozen Embryos from My So-Called Life: Screw 30 Seconds to Mars, Jordan Catalano’s band was, like, the best. I think even Tino would show face for this reunion. Best song: “Red”

2.) Way, No Way from Friends: Ross and Chandler’s college band got them so much P…and Ellen Pompeo totally dug them. Best song: “Emotional Knapsack”

3.) Zack Attack from Saved by the Bell: Apparently, they only had one high school dance gig (where Zack and Kelly broke up BTW) before they hit it big with a “Behind the Music”-esque special with Casey Kasem where the band reunited…but we are in desperate need for another reunion of fake guitar playing and lip syncing. Best song: “Friends Forever”

4.) The California Dreams from California Dreams: Saturday mornings were the best because of this rag tag group of beachy SoCal musicians, which, after the first season added an Asian and a guy in a leather jacket to make it more racially diverse and edgy. Yes, they reunited on Jimmy Fallon once, but WE WANT MORE. Best song: “California Dreamin'” (Duh)

5.) The Party from The New Mickey Mouse Club: They are the best and coolest music group the Mouse House created. They epitomized the ’90s with their snazzy beats and totally rad, high energy dance moves that Paula Abdul would love — and they rap! Technically, the group has reunited, but they need to make it more public because, apparently, everyone who was down with M.M.C. (yeah you know me), do not know about this glorious reunion. Best song: “I Found Love”

6.) Dingoes Ate My Baby from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Their days of playing at The Bronze are long gone since Oz went away…and since Sunnydale got sucked into the Hellmouth. Still, it would be nice to see the members get back together for a little ditty or two. Best song: “Shadows”

7.) Mystik Spiral from Daria: The band was headed by super-alt yet dreamy Trent who was not only Jane’s brother, but also Daria’s crush — and the band was probably an early grunge prototype of Maroon 5. Best song: “Freakin’ Friends”

8.) Jem and the Holograms from Jem and the Holograms: Haven’t you heard? They are outrageous. Truly, truly outrageous. Best song: “Glitter and Gold”

9.) Crucifictorious from Friday Night Lights: Landry’s band went through a lot of personnel changes, but they were still the best Christian death metal band in Dillon. Best song: Whatever song is in the video below.

10.) The Lipsticks from The Cosby Show: Vanessa didn’t have much going for her because she was the most insufferable Cosby kid. It would be nice to see her dream of being a musician come true with a reunion with her fellow Lipsticks. Best song: Their only song…”The Locomotion”

11.) Creation/Mission Control from Freaks and Geeks: Now is a better time than any for this guys to get back together. Let’s just hope that Goldberg isn’t busy with a Mighty Ducks game. Best song: Their cover of “Sunshine of Your Love.”

12.) David Silver from Beverly Hills 90210: The only solo act on the list — and after you see his performances, you will see why he needs to make a comeback. Best song:: “You’re so Precious to Me”

13.) Girl Talk from Full House: Stephanie’s band (complete with Kimmy Gibler on keyboards) may have been short-lived but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be included in Uncle Jesse’s TGIF TV band reunion fun. Best song: Their cover of “The Sign.”

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