If you’re fair-weathered, yet obsessive Broadway geek like me, then you’ve probably been watching the video of Kristin Chenoweth perform a duet of “For Good” from the musical Wicked with audience member Sarah Horn. During a performance at the Hollywood Bowl, Chenoweth randomly chose Horn to get up on stage with her to sing a duet (apparently, she likes doing that). Turns out that Horn is a vocal teacher and — well — their duet turned out to be damn amazing:

This is probably the best random audience duet ever…but that doesn’t mean others don’t exist. Sure, a select few might be a tad bit cringe-worthy, but they do get an A for effort. Plus, they got to be on stage and sing with a famous person. Not many people can say that.

Idina Menzel: Chenoweth’s Wicked costar (Horn sang her part in the previous video), pulled a handful of audience members on stage to help her sing another duet she originated: “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent.

Lea Salonga: The Broadway/Disney darling originated the role of Kim in the stage production of Miss Saigon and provided the singing voice of the title character in Mulan. She was also sang the part of another Disney princess: Jasmine in Aladdin. Here she is singing “A Whole New World” with a member from the Disney Club at UCLA.

Demi Lovato: Watch the the X Factor sing and strut with one of her fans. It was probably the ultimate squeal moment of her life.

Beyonce: While singing her power ballad, “Halo”, Bey thought it would be cute to turn the mic over to an audience member. The results? Well, let’s just say that there was a great use of “diva hands” during the audience member’s performance.

Nelly: During a concert he needed someone to hold his towel and sing Kelly Rowland’s part in the rap ballad, “Dilemma”…and this was the lucky towel holder.

Ariana Grande: At a radio event, the pop princess in training tried to get one of her fans to sing with her. Instead, she just played ukelele while she sang a song that has uncanny similarities to “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes.

Josh Groban: The classically trained vocalist loves to bring fellow singers from the audience on stage with him (just search on YouTube). Here’s one of the many beautiful duets of “The Prayer” with one of his talented fans.

Billy Joel: During “An Evening of Questions and Answers and a Little Bit of Music” at Vanderbilt University, a random student by the name of Michael Pollack asked the Piano Man if he could play “New York State of Mind” on the piano while Joel sang. He said yes. It became national news…after the video, you’ll see why.

Carol Burnett: In the ’70s, the iconic comedienne began her popular TV variety show (that was a thing back then) with an audience Q&A. One guy, a struggling singer with an on-trend mustache, asked her what it takes to be on her show…so she invited him on stage to sing. It’s one of those moments that show why she was loved and adored.

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