For all of you who miss the fun times had with the gang from Freaks and Geeks, your days of missing them are over thanks to an interactive, 8-bit “choose your own adventure”-type video game. Fine Brothers Productions created an awesome time suck that revisits the gang at McKinley High. It starts with Lindsay following Daniel out to the “smoking patio” and, just like the TV show, Kim gives her a hard time for wearing an army jacket and being a poser. Then nerdy friend Millie interrupts all the shenanigans and asks Lindsay if she is going to join Academic Decathlon. Thus begins the first crossroad in a riveting adventure! Should you join Millie in spectacular geekiness? Or should you stay with the stoner freaks? I chose the former…and I paid for it dearly.

Play the game below…and make sure you make cooler decisions than me.

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