The Lifetime channel doesn’t have a good record when it comes to making biopics of pop culture figures. The Brittany Murphy movie didn’t get rave reviews and the Aaliyah film received a catastrophic backlash from fans and everyone involved with her life. I was just waiting for the forthcoming Whitney Houston biopic to be the ultimate made-for-TV biopic that would win Lifetime the award for “The Most Insensitive Asshole Channel of the Year” — but after watching the trailer that was exclusively released on Buzzfeed this week, I was surprised:

It doesn’t look terrible! I’m not saying that this film excuses Lifetime’s sins of the past, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. For one, America’s Next Top Model contestant-turned-actor, Yaya DaCosta is talented! She’s had roles in films like The Kids Are All Right, In Time, and most recently, Lee Daniels’ The Butler. To add to that, this is the directorial debut of Waiting To Exhale‘s Angela “Get Your Shit and Get Your Shit and Get Out!” Bassett. Having a high profile name attached to such a project injects a generous amount of class to a channel that tends to be a trough for basic bitches to indulge.

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