On Sunday, I read a headline in my Facebook feed that said, “James Franco Hosts Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Episode of the Season.” I would like to humbly disagree on that point. This entire season of SNL has been consistently average. There’s nothing really great or spectacular about it, BUT if you pick and choose sketches from each episode, you’ll be able cobble together a fantastic episode.

There were some bright moments in the Franco-hosted ep. The first being musical guest Nicki Minaj‘s impression of Beyonce. She gets a generous amount of points for that. Her Kim Kardashian impression? Not so much.

But the best sketch of the night didn’t make it to air. It was a very topical and cleverly awkward sketch about the recent events in Ferguson. Whoever wrote it handled such a sensitive topic with great humor without being tasteless. If they did air this sketch, it would have moved the episode up a couple of notches.

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