Leave it to Funny or Die to create “Dips” the best and most realistic prank website for April Fools’ Day.

Even though the social media platform of 1.5 second videos started by Adam McKay, Richard Linklater and Mark Cuban is fake, the execution of the entire prank makes it so good that it needs to be a real thing. The micro video site slyly pokes fun at short attention span apps like Snapchat and Vine, but at the same time it provides some clever and funny videos of celebs and other personalities. From Will Ferrell to Ringo Starr to Drew Barrymore to Jon Hamm to Ellie Kemper, these 1.5 micro vids are addictive as they are entertaining. And I would say they are a time suck that would decrease productivity, but with about 315 videos at 1.5 seconds each that only amounts to a little over 450 seconds! That’s only about seven and a half minutes. EVERYONE WINS! Treat yourself by watching them here.

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