As we all, know Janet Jackson is coming out of hiding from her life with her billionaire husband to give us what we want: a new album and a new tour. And on Sunday night, she accepted the first ever Ultimate Icon: Music Dance Visual Award at the BET Awards. Me thinks that they just made this award for her as an excuse to bring her on the show — and to do a dance tribute. Because it’s JANET JACKSON. The queen innovator of the dance break and pop music video choreography that made you want to be one of her backup dancers. Anyone who’s anyone would tape her music videos and stop and rewind those dance routines and stop at NOTHING to learn them. I sure as hell did.

The BET Awards tribute featured Tinashe dancing to “Pleasure Principle,” Jason Derulo tackling “All For You” and Ciara jumping on the karate chop “If” dance. For the grand finale, they stomped out a routine to “Rhythm Nation.”

Fun, right? Don’t worry if you don’t know who Tinashe is. Not everyone does. One of my friends asked, “What is a Tinashe?”

The routine makes me remember the Janet Jackson tribute performance on MTV Icon in 2001 with Pink, Usher and Mya.

Real talk: it’s WAY BETTER, but I enjoyed them both… but I still like this one better:

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