The moment you have been waiting for is here. The Off White podcast has officially dropped.

Here’s the rundown: Off White brings together a panel of three minorities (and at times, one token white hetero male, if they’re up for it) to have a lively discussion about the portrayal of people of color and other minorities in the current landscape of movies, television, pop culture and media. Long story short, it’s commentary with color.

In the inaugural episode, I welcome comedian Kaseem Bentley and hosts of the Bitch Talk podcast, Erin Lim and Karyn Paige to what will be the first of many lively and inappropriate discussions.

The first episode (or “pilot” as they say in the biz) is jam-packed with topical fodder including Caitlyn Jenner’s acceptance speech at the ESPYS J.K. Rowling having Serena Williams’s back on Twitter, J.J. Abrams’s shout out to Asians at Comic-Con, Brandy’s failed attempt at busking on the New York subway, the guilty wonder that is Bill Cosby, and many other colorful bits of news. We also end with a rousing game of “Recast” where we recast a predominantly white superhero movie with actors of color… and it’s more difficult than you think. Enjoy the first episode, because there will be others.

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