Since we are neck deep in the 14th season of Project Runway, I thought I would dust off my interview with Tim Gunn from 2007 — or it may have been 2006 or 2008. Not too sure when it was, but it was in that time frame. Anyways, this was one of two times I chatted with Mr. Gunn who is an Oracle of fashion. He’s like the Gandalf of style. He’s just really respectable, cool and the epitome of a gentleman. He’s the only guy I know that can give the harshest criticism, but still sound like a pleasant, selfless and chivalrous. He’s an anomaly. 

Anyways, this was during a time when I was a fashion journalist and instructor. It was during a time when some cool designers were on the rise — so we talk a lot about Rodarte, Thom Browne, and some other people. On top of that, Tim gives the most accurate assessment of this generation of kids. This guy is on point about everything in life.

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