This episode is a big one folks! For the 6th installment of Off White, I welcome writer/director Owen Dara and actor/producer Jessica Lancaster from the film, The Holy Fail. Also joining is actor/producer Gwendolyn Oliver as well as music producer/artist manager Tony Smith, who happens to be the producer of this very episode (and possibly future ones!) 

We talk about some pretty heavy stuff like the events of Paris, Mizzou and even child slavery. (Yikes) We also delve into the Hollywood wage gap for women before adding some levity by playing a rousing round of “Re-cast” with James Bond — which is proves to be quite interesting. We also talk about some cool costumes that Jessica and Gwendolyn wore to the Ellen show which won them a prize that made me super jealous of them.

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For more info on Owen and Jessica’s film, The Holy Fail, follow it on Twitter at @theholyfailfilm. You can follow Gwendolyn on Instagram at @gwendolyn_oliver. Last but not least, listen to the artist that Tony talks about in the episode, Anthony Starble at his website. Believe me, he is that good.


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