As usual, I watched a lot of movies this year. And as usual, I am making a list of said movies — and just because I list the movies it doesn’t necessarily mean I liked them. As the title of the post suggests, these are “movies I watched” I just ranked them. Here’s the first 10 of the 50. Enjoy.

50. Black Mass: It was the least annoying movie Johnny Depp has been in for LONG time. BONUS: Jesse Plemons looks like a freckled version of Matt Damon in The Informant.

49. The Martian: This needs to be the last “stranded in space” movie for the next 20 years.

48. Bridge of Spies: It’s a decent movie… and if it were made in the late ’90s it would have been a GREAT movie. There’s more appeal in the fact that it’s a Spielberg/Hanks collabo than the movie itself.

47. The Walk: Because Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s French accent isn’t ALL terrible.

46. Spectre: Borders on that cheesy Bond appeal that we have all grown to love. And it’s my second to least favorite Daniel Craig Bond movie.

45. Krampus: Cut from the same cloth as Gremlins but leans on the darker side than the funnier side.

44. The Revenant: Beautifully shot, great performances and a shoo-in for tons of award nominations…but it was boring as hell.

43. The Stanford Prison Experiment: It made me interested in the real story, which makes you wish that the actual movie dug a little deeper.

42. Magic Mike XXL: Sure, this movie had a bunch of dong and oily variety bohunks, but its self-awareness and subtle camp made it enjoyable.

41. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2: I love this franchise. I love it even more now that it’s finally over.

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