40. Addicted To Fresno: Love Natasha Lyonne and seeing Judy Greer as a recovering sex addict is surprisingly refreshing. It also helped that dildos played an important role in the movie.

39. Trainwreck: I enjoy Amy Schumer’s show a tad bit more than this movie… but I liked it mostly for Tilda Swinton’s tan.

38. The Visit: Hey, M Night. This is the kind of stuff we like from you.

37. The Big Short: Explained the 2008 housing crisis in the best way possible — but I’m still confused about it. Props to the entire cast for pouring their all into the roles. They acted the fuck out of it. Especially Ryan Gosling’s hair.

36. Avengers: Age of Ultron/Ant-Man: They are both Marvel movies and I feel that I needed to love both of them. That said, I decided to lump them into one movie because they are fillers in the MCU… but I will watch the hell out of them all the live long day.

35. Live From New York: A textbook movie about how great Saturday Night Live is… even if you are one of those people who “stopped watching it years ago.”

34. Furious 7: I had to put this movie in here because, well, it’s a Fast and Furious movie. No movie list would be complete without one.

33. The Green Inferno: The most batshit crazy cannibal movie you will ever watch. Eli Roth should be required to make one crazy movie a year that makes people vomit.

32. Trumbo: Movie was okay, but Bryan Cranston’s acting was better (as usual).

31. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl: The perfect combo of hipster, quirky, and heartwarming… and I hate all three of those adjectives. But this movie made me like them.

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