30. Spy: It’s like Spectre, but funny!

29. The second half of The Hateful Eight: Barely remembered what happened before the intermission, but there’s a recap in the second half of the movie so you don’t need to watch the first 101 minutes at all!

28. Suffragette: Lots of people forgot about this movie about women, voting and that kind of stuff. It was really good because Meryl Streep appears for a hot minute. But for real, Carey Mulligan gives this movie life.

27. Tangerine: Great movie about the trans community in LA, but still don’t really know why they named it after this fruit. Why not clementine? Or grapefruit? Or cumquat?

26. The Gift: A light-hearted romp about a guy getting revenge on a bully from his past — with a HILARIOUS ending!

25. Anomalisa: Stop motion animation like you have never seen. In other words, there’s sex and stop motion peen.

24. The Wolfpack: Not a spinoff of Twilight or The Hangover, but a documentary about a bunch of sheltered kids who make some pretty rad movie reenactments.

23. Jurassic World: People had issues with Bryce Dallas Howard running around in high heels because THAT is what this franchise is based on.

22. Dope: The title of the movie says it all… and it had one helluva soundtrack.

21. Kingsman: The Secret Service: Like Spectre, but better and ridiculously violent.

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