20. What Happened, Miss Simone?: Everything you need to know about the legendary singer is in this documentary… and if you don’t know who she is by now, then get the fuck on.

19. Truth: I don’t know why this movie didn’t get more love. This is one of two great performances my Cate Blanchett this year. And Robert Redford as Dan Rather seems like a risky casting decision, but he is pretty damn good as the iconic journalist.

18. Chi-raq: His last couple of movies have left a lot to be desired, but Chi-raq is a refreshing, modern take on a Greek play with some of today’s most talented actors (hello, Teyonah Parris). And don’t discount Nick Cannon. The Drumline actor impresses. Welcome back Spike Lee.

17. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: This is the most Mission Impossibl-iest movies ever and for that, it is a revelation.

16. Where To Invade Next: Sure, Michael Moore rakes America over the coals (as usual), but there is a surprising amount of hope and optimism in his latest doc.

15. Steve Jobs: Lots of people have dismissed this Steve Jobs biopic and claimed it as a dud, but I dug it.

14. It Follows: It certainly does follow. It followed the fuck out of me after I left the theater. It freaked me the hell out.

13. Amy: An unbelievable humanization of one of the best singers of our time. Also, IT’S ALL OUR FAULT.

12. Going Clear: Because scientology is fun!

11. Room: It hits all those depressing beats in our tortured souls perfectly.

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