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Clips from Hyphen Magazine:

“I Quit: If you hate your job, don’t be so Asian American about it”

“Speaking in Tongues: Pulling the plug on slam poetry”

“I See Asian People: With emerging representation in film and TV, can we say we’ve made it?”

Margaret Cho Stands Up: The comedian, actress and activist urges Asian Americans to take action

Clips from Refinery29.com

The 9 Coolest Karaoke Spots In SF

Clips from San Francisco Chronicle:

NICE Collective pops up in S.F.’s Castro

This year’s best Halloween costumes – Snooki, Gaga: Holiday a high-stakes game of who’s the most creative, culturally relevant


‘Harold’ films break Asian-American stereotypes

Is ‘How gay is that?’ going to be out of fashion someday?

Confessions of a suburban hipster

Life Scripts: Language, Symbols from Far East popular choices in tattoo parlors

Pattinson is an in-vogue vampire in Twilight

Baumbach, Leigh chat about dysfunctional ‘Wedding’

Filmmaking friends board the “Darjeeling Limited”

A fashion writer reviews “Star Trek”

Park Chan Wook Has An Irresistible ‘Thirst’

Ang Lee finds the ‘Woodstock’ connection

An open letter to a certain hotel con-heiress

`Hairspray’ ignites ’60s nostalgia, higher than a beehive

Actor Emile Hirsch goes ‘Wild’ with director Sean Penn

Beckham shows his undies in S.F.

Luminaries hit the ‘green carpet’ for screening

Regina King adds dysfunctional twist with ‘This Christmas’

‘Golden Compass’ points to fantasy world of style

Designer bring Warhol’s ‘Factory’ fashions to big screen


Browsing the racks of Barneys New York with Simon Doonan

Chris Marches On: Bay Area native Chris March gives dramatic flair to ‘Runway’

Robert Verdi’s fall fashion focus for men

Josh Warner’s Good Art is the type you can wear

Modern Day Dandy: Looking Sharp with a Twist

31 Do’s & Don’ts for the Modern Gentleman

For Men Only

Today’s celebrity designers: Stylish friend of fashion foe?

Dress your age, not your shoe size

Here comes the grooming: Growing pains of men’s hairstyles

The guilt is too genuine when the fashion is oh-so-fake

New York’s Fashion Week Live! tour to visit Bay Area

Fashion’s new narcotic accessory: Socks by V.K. Nagrani

Green living, fashion coexist on the runway

Something borrowed, something…green?

Padma Lakshmi’s Jewelry Collection is as Soothing as Her Voice

Fashion Finds a New ‘Chictopia’ on the Internet

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